Stretching the Lats for Golfers

The flexibility of your Lat muscles are critical for a great turn in your backswing, as well as to help your arms go up, creating more speed and power in your golf swing. The lat muscles includes the entire back and inserts onto the arm. So when they are tight, it can lead to swings faults such as ’Loss of Posture’ or ‘Flat Shoulder Plane.’ It can even pull on your lower back, creating an arch that may lead to lower back injuries. Try these simple yoga poses I do with my students to help gain more flexibility in their Lat Muscles. Curious to see how flexible or inflexible your Lats are? DM me for a Private lesson and we will go over Physical Assessments.

Seated Twist w/ Lat Stretch
Instructions: Bend both knees and connect Left foot into Right inner thigh. Twist to the Left as far as you can, and relax your forehead down. Shoulders squared. Relax and breathe. Switch Sides.
Forward Fold with Twist
Instructions: Stand hip width distance apart. Hinging from hips, fold over legs. Walk arms and upper body to the Right as far as you can twist. Then walk hands far away from feet. Slightly press hips away from chest. Bend knees as much as needed. Keep chest lifted. Hold 10 breaths. Repeat on other side.
Active Childs Pose w/ a Twist
Instructions: Bring big toes to touch. Knees out wide. Reach arms to Right and fold over Right thigh. Keep Left arm extended & place Right hand next to Right knee. Actively press hands into floor and drag hands towards each other. Keep shoulders squared. Hold 10 breaths. Repeat on Left Side.

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