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Why Choose Doona Yoga?

Doona is an E-RYT 500hr certified yoga instructor whose hands on and tailored approach can help you master the fundamentals of proper breathing, maintain body symmetry and increase flexibility and strength – critical components needed to stay healthy and injury free. 

She is certified in Yoga for Golfers and Titleist Performance Institute in Fitness. 

She has training and hands on experience in teaching Prenatal Yoga for all trimesters.

Doona Yoga is conveniently located in Orange County in Laguna Hills.

Schedule your first two private lessons for $120 (50% off)

  • Two 1-hour yoga sessions
  • No long term commitments or contracts
  • Expert Coaching and hands-on alignment
  • Great for beginners and people who want to advance their skill
  • Professional private studio
  • Fully customized to your needs 

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$ 440 Monthly
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$ 800 Monthly
  • $20 Off Per Session
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