Why Should Athletes Do Yoga?

Who else loves fitness? Whether it’s yoga, running, weight lifting or playing a sport? I’ve always loved fitness as long as I can remember. I grew up very outdoorsy and active. But yoga was never in my interest. I would always say things like – “Yoga is too slow & boring.”
I know, typical stereotype. After incorporating yoga into my fitness routine, I’ve never felt better. I can run longer, I can lift better, and my soreness fades faster allowing me to keep going the next day. You don’t need to do yoga every day to feel the benefits. You don’t even need a full hour to feel better. But adding yoga to your workout routine will change your body, your life. Stay flexible. Stay open. In both mind & body.


4 thoughts on “Why Should Athletes Do Yoga?”

  1. I love this Doona. I coach competitive soccer and volleyball. Can I use this for my athletes? Wish you were closer so I could have you come do a team session.

  2. Health is not only given by reaching a good physical condition, but it is complemented by a mental and emotional balance, according to the World Health Organization. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar agrees that health is not the mere absence of disease, but the dynamic expression of life. This is where the benefits of yoga essentially lie, by performing asanas, pranayamas (breathing techniques) and meditation.

    1. Very well said. 100% true. That is why we practice Yoga, not only for the body, but as well as for the mind and spirit. Thank you for sharing.

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